First, thanks for purchasing original artwork. Original art provides many benefits to the viewer/owner, one of those being the memories embedded in that piece. Original artwork is a gift that keeps providing a joy we often can't name exactly but it's one we cherish.

For works on canvas, I protect the work by applying an isolation coat first and then spraying the surface against ultraviolet rays. Original work on paper is also given UV protection.

PayPal is the method of payment I prefer. Your artwork is then carefully wrapped and protected from the elements as far as possible and shipped U.S. Mail or UPS. Most of my paintings on canvas are on gallery-wrapped canvases and do not have a frame included. Works on paper are shipped with a simple wooden frame with polystyrene glazing to avoid higher shipping costs due to the weight of glass. Let me know if you'd like it without a frame and I'll send it stiffly matted and protected as mentioned above.

Prints on Demand are shipped from Artspan directly to the buyer. Thanks again for buying original artwork!