I've always thrilled to the call of the light in my subject.

I'm dazzled by light that gives form and color to everything, bringing energy to the shadows cast by objects. This has been a constant source of fascination for me regardless of the painting or drawing medium I've used or the subject matter at hand.

I usually begin with a photograph I've taken. When working with acrylics, I often start with a colored ground upon which I sketch in the basic image. I then build up layers of transparent colors as I would in watercolor, arriving at a more interesting finished piece than my original concept. Sometimes I begin with a monoprint or with a pouring of a color that suggests something more. Then I'm off in pursuit of a half uncovered dream! Most challenging of late has been remembering and considering the original impetus behind the taking of the photo in the first place.

My paintings have been largely landscapes, no doubt due to early memories of camping and the healing power of nature. I especially love the play of light on water but still life and floral subjects also fascinate me. Recently, the figure - particularly the human face -  has caught my attention...

But it's still about the light.